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RangersRush Trivia Challenge
Round XIII
Who is the last Rangers' grad to have represented team USA at the Olympics (in hockey)?
Ray LeBlanc.

Ray LeBlanc played only one season in Kitchener that season was 1983-'84, they set a franchise record which still stands to this day with 106 regular season points, they also won 25 games straight to finish the season, another record, this time for the OHL.  LeBlanc was the starter for the Rangers as they lost to the Ottawa 67's in the Memorial Cup final on home ice.  The 1991-1992 season was an interesting one to say the least for LcBlanc, that season he joined a rather large group of NHL one-game wonders, his only NHL game was a 5-1 win over the San Jose Shark with the Blackhawks.  Perhaps more of note was his play for team USA in the Olympics where he posted 5-2-1 totals in Albertville, with 2 shutouts and a 2.20GAA.

Correct Contestants: Stormfan

Photo Credit: Associated Press, inset (unknown)