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RangersRush Trivia Challenge
Round XI
One evening in the 1980's three Rangers players were taken to the police station in Sault Ste. Marie and charged for incidents both on ice and in the stands, name one of the three Rangers players?
John Tucker, Mike Stevens, and David Bruce

One one night in the 1983-'84 season fights errupted on the ice and eventually in the stands where Mike Stevens, and David Bruce were sitting behind the Rangers bench.  Things got to the point where fans were involved and police as well.  The incident was described as a "black-eye" for the entire league.  Mike Stevens and David Bruce were taken away in handcuffs from the stands, police were unable to place handcuffs over John Tucker's gloves and he was allowed to continue playing on condition that he report to the police station after the game..

Correct Contestants: Brettster, Square, OneManGang.