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RangersRush Trivia Challenge
Round IX
Michael Richards is this year's captain of team Canada, who was the last Ranger to captain team Canada in the World Junior Championships?
Steven Rice

Steven Rice played on both the 1990, and 1991 Canadian World Junior teams, in 1991 he was captain of a squad that included Kris Draper (shown on the left) and Eric Lindros (immediately to the right of Rice) that year they became the first Canadian team ever to win on home ice.  Rice was not only the Rangers' captain but also a Waterloo native.

Photo from Upper Deck Checklist card series 2, 1990-91

Correct Contestants: RangerSuperFan, Shot Clock, Valabik28, TheQuietOne, Rgr4Life, Rangersfansince69, CharlieGirl49, Taft