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Knights out for revenge, not victory

Steve Mason vacuums in a shot fromt he poitn while the Rangers are on the power play.

It was supposed to be one of the single most thrilling matchups of the season, both teams entered still fighting for Midwest division supremacy and 6 points with this being the last head-to-head matchup of the season.  It wasn't close, the Rangers still playing without their star forward Steve Downie, arguably didn't need him.  The focus was on just one member of the Kitchener Rangers.  Jakub Kindl, the very same Jakub Kindl who's heavy check into the side boards in Kitchener landed London captian Robbie Drummond on the disabled list with a concussion.  Through the first couple of minutes the Rangers were being dominated by the Knights were appeared more eager to put on a show for their hometown fans than they were in Kitchener, the Rangers dodged several bullets including a chance-filled power play by the Knights with Kevin Henderson in the box early.  What occured next was shocking to all in attendance, with the Rangers in the Knights' zone and behind the net Kevin Montgomery pulled down an attacking Ranger and while the puck was in play with a delayed penalty to the Knights, Jordan Foreman took the opportunity to flip Jakub Kindl off of his feet at the blueline, compounding problems.

Josh Beaulieu joined Foreman on his assault on the veteran Rangers' defender slashing and cross-checking Kindl, and when it became apparent that Kindl was not interested in fighting, both Jordan Foreman and Josh Beaulieu forced Kindl into the boards infront of the penalty box both trying to fight him at the same time.  Chaos nearly ensued and both Jordan Foreman and Josh Beaulieu were throwing punches over linesman.  The the dust had settled the Rangers had a 7 minute power play and realistically could have had more if Jordan Foreman was penalized at all beyond his original infraction.  Mike Duco was the first, opening the scoring with some hard work infront, the Knights had lasted for over 3 minutes without allowing a goal and that was primarily becuase of the work of star netminder: Steve Mason.  Soon after the goal, the Knights' problems would simply be compounded.  Victor Oreskovich appeared to have beaten Knights' defender: Todd Perry to the outside, but Perry got just enough of his knee out to slow the progress of the big Rangers' forward.

Matt Halischuk cannot get the puck past Mason's outstretched leg.

Oreskovich crumpled slowly into the ice, it was obvious that the knee had done the damage, though it wasn't the leg that contact was made with, the opposite knee buckled.  After watching the Ranger struggle, the head official assessed a major kneeing penalty and game misconduct.  Oreskovich would later return for a shift but that was it as his knee was swelling significantly.  The additional power play gave the Rangers a chance to grab full control of the game.  While up two men, Jakub Kindl beat Mason with a point blast and then afterwards started taunting the Knights' bench, adding another chapter to what was already a pathetic display of sportsmanship by both teams.  70 seconds later, Kindl beat the Knights' netminder again, this time amongst a chorus of boos, but without some of the antics that followed his first goal.

Adding to the chaos, David Jarram was trying to settle up a score of his own.  Brian Soso was his target, not that Soso was responsible for anyone's injuries on the Knights' team, but he did drop Jarram quickly.  Brian Soso coaxed Jarram into dropping his gloves and taking a penalty and then Soso crushed Jarram into the boards moments later when Jarram still didn't have the puck.  While trying to get at Soso Jarram was intercepted by a linesmen.  He's then punch the linesmen, narrowly missing his face and hitting his shoulder, something sure to result in a lengthy suspension.  Early in the second period once things had calmed down Halischuk broke in on a clearcut breakaway and zipped a shot past Mason into the top corner of the net.  With the Rangers trapped killing an insanely high amount of penalties in the third period, the Knights' finally broke the shutout Ryan Martinelli's point shot went through on one of those power plays.  The London comeback lost hope as officials started dispensing 10 misconducts nearly every stoppage, Kostitsyn was the first victim in those.