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Comeback falls just short

Mark Packwood looks back into his net, as Craig Voakes' shootout winner flies into the top of the net.

They're emotional kids, and after what could be deamed a devastating loss in Windsor, the Rangers were guilty of having a bit of a hang over on the night night.  No where was this more evident than on the shot clock where the Rangers who have put the brakes on both the Windsor Spitfires and Guelph Storm in back-to-back games, permitted 17 shots on goal, it also didn't help that 6 of the first 7 power plays went to the Sting, as the usually crticial Kitchener crowd started to get on officials: Hutchinson and Davis, over the preceived inequity in power plays early on.  The Rangers never quite caught up only having four chances on the man advantage through 60 minutes, while the Sting enjoyed 8 oppportunities on the man advantage.  New goalie in net, as the Rangers returned with John Murray, however, same bad bounces.  After some sustained pressure in the Rangers' zone, Ryan Wilson, formerly of the Toronto Majors put a point shot wide and as the puck came infront, it was inadvertantly off of the stick of Justin Azevedo, and conviniently through the five-hole, just missing the post, but directly onto the stick of Brandon Mashinter, he had a gimme goal from there.  Overall, the Rangers' appeared disorganized throughout the opening period, and while you do not want to make excuses for the team, they did play the Windsor Spitfires the night before, a much slower club that at times appeared incompetent, the change in pace with the Sting in town might have taken some getting used to.

In the second period, it was another Rangers' forward providing an assist for the Sting inadvertantly, with the Rangers already killing a penalty, Oreskovich had a puck ricohet off of his skate on an awkward play in the Rangres' zone, the deflection had everyone on both teams going in the wrong direction, except Jared Gomes who was left alone at the top of the crease, he spun like a figure skater and then confidently chipped the puck into the top corner of the net.  Only two minutes later, the Rangers again found themselves down a man with Duco in the box, and disaster struck for a third time, with a three man rush heading quickly into the Rangers' zone, talented sniper Tomas Pospisil wasn't shooting this time, but his pass found it's way off of Dan Gyenes' skate and into the net behind Murray.  Worse yet, there were no Sting players in the vicinity of where the puck was left.  Aside from all of the Friday the 13th misfortunes, Murray was actually having a very strong game to this point, and would soon be rewarded with a comeback by his teammates.  

Teammates help celebrate Scott Timmins' first OHL goal, while the covetted puck rolls on by.

The comeback started only moments after the Sting a commanding 3-0 lead in the second period.  Jakub Kindl turned on the jets and drove directly to the Sting goal, he appeared pick up his own rebound in close on Sabastian Dahm, the Rangers had broken the shutout and Nazem Kadri was created with his first OHL goal on the play.  Kadri.  The rough stuff all occured at in the middle of the second period.  First Steve Tarasuk tussled with Daniel Lombardi of the Sting, quickly being tossed to the ice.  Soon after Mike Duco took exception to a careless high-stick on one of his teammates by rugged defender Bobby Davey.  Duco struggled against the bigger defender, but did manage to land one solid uppercut to Davey's head.  On the play the Rangers were given a power play and just when it looked like things weren't destined to work on this night with several Rangers slipping up on the ice, Matt Halischuk found the puck in the high slot and used a screen to make a wrist shot goal look easy.  Jakub Kindl had assisted on both of the Rangers' goals,a nd overall appeared to be more offensively productive with Matt Pepe rejoining the Rangers' lineup, bringing the team back to full strength with 6 defenders dressed for the first time in several weeks.

In the third period it was the Stings' chance to have some misfortunes in their own end, captain Ryan Wilson left the puck near the Sting bench door for a teammate who had to decline while hopping off of the ice to avoid a too-many men on the ice penalty, but the damage was already done.  Matt, against the catalyst didn't waste any time digging for the puck, he got it on goal and Jean-Michel Rizk popped in the rebound.  Jared Gomes scored midway through the third to regain the lead for the Sting, and the Rangers' blueline was once again struggling.  Matt Pepe appeared to be tiring after a couple of consecutive weeks off after suffering a concussion and Daniel Tarasuk did not take a shift though the entire third period.  Tomas Pospisil managed to snipe another in the third period, losing Matt Pepe before launching a wrister past Murray.  Things were lucky for the one Ranger wearing #13 on Friday the 13th, Scott TImmisn score a flukey goal banking the puck off of a skate, resulting an a quick video review that resulted in a goal.  The Rangers despite more than 8 minutes left really didn't get all too close to tying the game.  For Timmins it was his first OHL goal, Soso assisted on the goal for his second point in two nights.  It must have seemed like a little redemption for the Sting who finished 0 for 4 agianst the very same Rangers during the previous season, including an extremely humiliating 8-1 home ice loss.