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Spiritless Saginaw victims of blowout!

Adam Keefe storms in on Saginaw netminder: Ryan Daniels in the third period.
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It was one of those nights where many Rangers fans seemed to have compasion in their eyes for Saginaw netminding, well not all of them.  With the score 10-2, en route to a 12-2 final, Rangers fans were quick to give rookie call-up: Ryan Daniels some bronx cheers after he had allowed 3 third period goals on only 4 shots.  In the grand scheme of things, the Rangers simply beat up bantan call-up: Ryan Daniels and took all of his lunch money during the process.  5 different Rangers took their turns scoring on Daniels in the third period in an OHL debut that was hardly flattering to the rookie who's team effectively abandoned him, something that fellow rookie Aaron Rock experienced through 2 periods, especially in the second when the Rangers poured on 27 shots on goal.  It was almost as if the Rangers were annoyed at the two goals that Saginaw scored in the second period, while the score was 4-0 Rangers, they rebounded by scoring 8 consecutive goals, in what could be called a long overdue blowout of the Spirit who from Kellerman to Brown have always has the hot hand in goal to keep things respectible.  Public address announcer: Dave Schneider even seemed to grow a little tired of the Rangers scoring ways late in the third, on the 11th goal, fans had to do without the exagrated "Duuuuuco" that they've all become acclimatized to over the last year.

On this night eleven different Rangers scored, and 14 Rangers booked points, the blow-out was the worst endured by a Rangers' opponent since their 2001-2002 drubbing of a shorthanded Brampton Battalion team 10-0, and marked the first time that the Rangers had scored 12 goals in over a decade of hockey.  Adam Keefe lead the charge, surprisingly he was the only multiple goal scorer, with his 4th and 5th of the season, he pushed for his first career hattrick but had to be satisfied with a better than average 5 point outing.  Kevin Henderson, recently signed by the Rangers also got in on the act, scoring in the third period, at times earlier in the game he appeared a little too anxious and sent a pair of pucks sailing over the Saginaw net from near range.  Henderson's arrival meant that Adam Keefe had to find new linemates, Keefe has been struggling to find his scoring touch, but simply looked at home with McFarland and Duco a pair of grinders who simply mirror Keefe hard-nosed play.  The trio of Keefe-McFarland-Duco was responsible for scoring 4 of the Rangers 12 goals, and appeared to be the 'hot hand' for the Rangers who had a trio of defenders score on tremendous individual efforts.

Craig Voakes takes a shot at Aaron Rock during the first period.
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The arrival of Kevin Henderson, may not have as much impact on the top of the lineup as it will on the third line, where Keefe will be inserted between Duco and McFarland giving the Rangers a 3rd line that can and will contribute to scoring should either of the top two units falter, something that will be of great value once they hit the postseason.  Adam Keefe and Paul McFarland teamed up with Nathan O'Nabigon to form a unit known for its work ethic, punishing checks as well as scoring touch during the second half of last season.  One can expect with hard working, hard-hitting Duco on the wing, they may not miss a beat.  Leave it up to David Clarkson to pick a fight in this game, his 3rd in three games, Paul Bissonnette was the victim and left the ice with a cut to the side of his head.  Bissonnette had a respectable night scoring his first of the season on the powerplay while finishing +1, despite all of his ice time, his frustration was more than evident at times.  Matt Lashoff mirrored also scoring his first of the season.

The Andre Benoit points streak continued, surprisingly his only offensive contribution was a goal in the second period while sharing the ice with the underage trio of: Combs, Applebaum, and Azevedo.  Benoit's point streak hit 14 games after missing an outing against the Sudbury Wolves, he has 22 points (9-13) during that timeframe.  Both Benoit and Matt Lashoff finished the night +5.  The Rangers powerplay scored it's 9th goal in the past three games while going 2 for 4.  The Rangers themselves have a 12 game unbeaten streak (10-0-2), only dwarfed by the Knights and their impressive 24 game streak (23-0-1).  Eric Pfligler got the start for the Rangers, his first in 12 games, he had a touch of luck in the first period while he shook off the rust, and actually had a fairly impressive outing on the overall as the Rangers were often guilty of letting their defensive guard down as they took it to the Spirit in the game's final two periods.